The jewellery is clearly influenced by her love of African culture

Silver fish, blue topaz and moonstone


Please note that all pieces are hand crafted. The gem stones are sourced from various parts of the world and cannot be guaranteed to be similar or even available for a repeated design. My passion is for the imperfect so I love gem stones with their flaws, as with people, I see these as part of their character and strengths, it makes them, each and everyone, individual which is why each piece is genuinely one of a kind and as unique and beautiful as you. The silver for all the pieces are sterling . If using gold it will be hallmarked accordingly.

Please enquire for my wholesale price list should you be a store or gallery who wants to stock my jewellery.



Blue Topaz, as with all blue stones works with the throat and third eye chakra. Aids in expressing ones emotion and needs, communicating clearly without confrontation. It keeps and treasures the experiences we make in the world, not forgotten, for future lessons.

Moonstones, the mysterious goddess, the intuitive dream catcher. Used in jewellery by the Romans and before. Moonstones work with their namesake, the moon, the keeper of all things mysterious and female. I love this goddess, this powerful stone. She makes us aware of the cycles of life, she evokes patience and sensitivity. Trust her…. she is the empress.