The jewellery is clearly influenced by her love of African culture

The Artist

Hi I’m Paula


My love of Africa, African culture, spirit,
and nature are all strong influences in my life and my jewelry.
My passion for all things stone…
It’s a rock thing…
Nothing is too outrageous nor off the wall.

I was brought up in a small, rural village in the South of England, an idilic childhood … my passion for travel hit me at a very early age when I received my first postcard aged 8 from my then best friend Gigi, she was on holiday in Spain, the post card had a picture of the coast and some clouds in the back ground…. And I looked up and saw clouds above me and I thought those could be the same clouds….It must be so easy to travel… And so it began, I have traveled around the world, lived in Germany, France, Namibia, Israel and South Africa and worked in many more.

It was in Namibia working with rural craft producing communities that I really wanted to fill a life long passion for jewellery and realized that this was a possibility. When I moved to Israel, I studied Gold smithing and there the path to The House of Hector was born.

The House of Hector was established 2004 in Cape Town, South Africa where I exhibited around Southern Africa and published in many magazines and a couple of Television appearances.

In 2018 The House of Hector upped stones and relocated to England for how long, I don’t know but let the next adventure begin…..